Open Positions

Post-doctoral fellows

Applications are invited from exceptional candidates with a PhD degree in research topics related to Data Science, Artificial Intelligence or Allied Application Domains (see here: The research fellowship will include a monthly stipend that is significantly higher than typical institute post-doc fellowship, hence may be considered as an exceptional fellowship for exceptional candidates.

(1) In the first round, candidates selected based on their application package, are offered a Research Associate position for a maximum period of 3 months. The selected candidates use this time to develop close research interactions with a faculty mentor of mutual interest, refine their research proposal, and generate preliminary results.

(2) In the second round that could be scheduled within 3 months from joining, Research Associates must appear for an RBC DSAI Fellowship Interview. Upon clearing the fellowship interview, the applicant is declared an "RBC DSAI Research Fellow" that offers an attractive monthly stipend, additional allowances for research/travel, etc.

For a candidate to maximize chances of getting the RBC DSAI Research Fellowship, in the 3 months before appearing for the RBC DSAI interviews, the candidate should closely interact with his/her faculty guide and get the faculty to write a strong support letter to make the case for approving the applicant's RBC DSAI fellowship.

To apply for the RBC DSAI Research Fellowship program please click here.

Please note: IITM Ph.D. scholars are not encouraged to apply. However, outstanding candidates on merit can apply in exceptional cases to work with faculty in a department different from his/her parent department. In this case, continuation with the same guide(s) is not allowed.About RBCDSAI

Post Baccalaureate Fellowships

RBCDSAI offers Post-baccalaureate fellowships to exceptional graduates, who are desirous of pursuing a 1-2 year research internship in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence at RBCDSAI, Indian Institute of Technology Madras.


* Fellows must have completed their Bachelors' degree within the last two years
* Fellows must have demonstrated academic excellence throughout their undergraduate

Shortlisting criteria

* Academic pedigree, performance in Bachelors'
* Proficiency in programming (high-level languages, preferably Python/R/MATLAB)
* Contribution to open-source projects will be a plus


* Work in a highly interdisciplinary environment, with some of the leading faculty in AI & Data Science
* Access to state-of-the-art CPU/GPU high-performance computing infrastructure
* Fellowship of ₹40,000 p.m.
* Fully funded trip to a national conference every year

Areas of Research

* Machine learning, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
* Systems biology and health care
* Smart cities and transportation
* Financial Analytics
* Reinforcement Learning and Bandits
* System Architectures for Data Science and AI, AI on the edge

Applications are closed. All positions have been filled. We will reopen soon.

Other Openings

Please click here to view openings in labs of our faculty.

Project Assistants/Associates

We expect applicants to have strong programming background in either Python or R. We also encourage applicants with programming experience in relational platforms such as SQL and the following non-relational technologies: Hadoop, Map Reduce, Hive, Mahout. Experience in PIG and information retrieval libraries like Lucene or Solr is an added advantage.

Interested candidates can send their CV to


Applications must be made on-line, through IIT Madras website.
Applications are also welcome under the Interdisciplinary Research Programme (IDRP) at IIT Madras. There will be a special stream, "Data Sciences & AI" for applying to RBC-DSAI. Applicants must be fluent in at least one high-level programming language (C/C++/MATLAB/Python). A background in mathematics is highly preferred.


Currently we are not accepting any Internship applications for the upcoming summer. We will reopen it for applications after July.