Post Baccalaureate Fellowship

How will you Benefit?

• Highly interdisciplinary work environment,
  with leading faculty in Data Science and AI
• Fellowship of Rs. 40,000-60,000 p.m.
• Access to state-of-the-art CPU / GPU
  high-performance computing infrastructure
• Fully funded trip to a national conference
  every year
Eligibility Criteria

• Bachelors' degree within the last two years
• Excellent academic performance throughout
  the undergraduate program
• Proficiency in programming (high-level
  languages, preferably Python / R / MATLAB)
• Contribution to open-source projects will
  be advantageous
RBCDSAI at IITM is the leading interdisciplinarity Data Science and AI center in India and one of the few centers in the world focussing on applications in various engineering disciplines. We have one of the largest groups in the country looking at networked data across different disciplines and the top Deep Reinforcement Learning group.
Areas of Research

• Deep Learning
• Network Analytics
• Natural Language Processing
• Theoretical Machine Learning
• Reinforcement Learning and Multi-arm Bandits
• System Architecture for Data Science and AI
• Ethics, Fairness and Explainability in AI
• Systems Biology and Healthcare
• Smart cities and Transportation
• Financial Analytics


Mr. Senthamizhan V., Post Baccalaureate Fellow, RBCDSAI (from September 2019) and Alumnus of Anna University (B.Tech., Industrial Biotechnology)

“I am involved in COVID-19 Disease Spread Analysis s where we partnered with ‘Facebook Data for Good’ initiative and analyse their mobility data to study the trends in population movement. We aim to communicate the findings to policymakers and help them make decisions in a data-driven approach. Unlike other institutions, we get to work with industries directly which opens an even wider range of opportunities in the future.”
Mr. Amrit Diggavi Seshadri, Post Baccalaureate Fellow, RBCDSAI (from November 2019) and B.Eng.(Hons.) Computer Science degree, The University of Edinburgh in July 2018

“At RBCDSAI, each Post Baccalaureate Fellow has the unique opportunity to explore a research project of his interest, under a supervisor, with access to high performance CPU/GPU resources. Group presentations and discussions encourage innovative solutions and offer a unique perspective of different areas of research. While the primary focus of the Fellowship program is independent research, there are also a number of opportunities to get involved in collaborative projects in the lab, as well as numerous seminars and guest lectures that enhance your knowledge and introduce you to a broader research ecosystem.”
Ms. Sivapriya Vellaichamy, Post Baccalaureate Fellow, RBCDSAI (from August 2019) and an Alumnus of IIT Madras (Dual Degree, Civil Engineering, 2018)

“Having graduated from IIT Madras with a dual degree, I worked in the finance sector for a year. I applied for the program with the intention of learning more about Machine Learning and its applications. What stood out for me is the intellectual freedom I got to experience right from the beginning where I chose my own project and the Professor to work with. The regular update meetings with the professor helped me to stay on track, resolve any difficulties with the project. I also had a chance to interact with researchers from Purdue University who work on a similar research area. The regular seminars from researchers all over the world, attending data science conferences, having teammates who work in a wide variety of topics ranging from robotic hand control to justice in policy is just the kind of exposure I wanted to have at the beginning of my career. It has been a very positive experience having learnt a lot technically and otherwise.”
Mr. Nilesh Subramanian, Post Baccalaureate Fellow, RBCDSAI (from November 2019) and Alumnus, SASTRA University (Integrated M.Tech in Nanotechnology)

“I am working on using Machine learning in predicting TB drug resistant strains and Diabetes-Helminth interaction study. I did get to experience the broad sense of flavour in research as intended and gained a lot of knowledge on different aspects of statistical techniques by working on multiple projects. The working atmosphere is challenging and motivating in a way that pushes the boundary in learning, understanding and conceptualising various ideas. I received a lot of help from other scholars who are working here in understanding and learning concepts throughout this period of time. There are many opportunities to meet, interact and collaborate with scientists from various universities. It’s been quite a journey till now.”
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