IBSE 4th International Symposium

    During the 3-day meeting, we will discuss microbial omics approaches associated with human, gut, and environment where computational advancements have been made to analyze biological "big data". Microbial omics and its translational aspects will be correlated with new biotechnological discovery. In addition, renowned scientists will be presenting how the microbial omics technologies are enabling for the safe exploration of future space missions with respect to astrobiology and planetary protection.

    The study of microbial communities or microbiomes has widespread applications, from human health, agriculture and animal husbandry to waste treatment, bioremediation and environmental health. We foresee that a critical emerging technology is the ability to model and engineer microbiomes and leverage their extraordinarily diverse functional capacities to find solutions for many of the challenges that we face, from eliminating childhood malnutrition to degrading plastics, to exploring other planets.

    Through this mini-symposium, we seek to bring leading scientists from India and abroad and to present their recent findings, and discuss important directions and ideas for fostering a strong microbiome community in India. There is also an opportunity for early career researchers to actively participate and contribute.

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