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Ashutosh Dilipbhai Kakadiya

MS Scholar

Reinforcement Learning Relational Learning Applied ML

I am Ashutosh Kakadya Ms by research student under Prof.B Ravindran and Prof.S Natarajan. My research interests are Reinforcement Learning,Relational Learning and Applied ML.In free time you can find me listening podcasts, solving puzzles or playing games. For more details


Jun 22, 2021
Coffee shop banter: Symbolic or Deep Learning? Promising directions of AI
Sparks flew when friends, Prof. Sriraam Natarajan, UT Dallas and Prof. Kristian Kersting, TU Darmstadt decided to get together over a cup of coffee and discuss on the topic “Symbolic or Deep Learning? Promising directions of AI”. The talk started with setting up the stage with “AI is changing the world and has a huge impact in economics, drug development, agriculture etc.” Kristian believes that AI should be an engine for innovation.

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