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Gitakrishnan Ramadurai


Dynamic Traffic Assignment Transportation Network Modelling Intelligent Transportation Systems Pedestrian Safety

Dr. Gitakrishnan Ramadurai is part of the transportation systems group, which works in the areas of urban transportation planning, heterogeneous traffic modelling and management, network optimization techniques, congestion mitigation, accident and safety studies and Intelligent Transportation Systems. The transportation division has expertise in survey and experimental design, data collection, quality control and processing of micro and macro level traffic and travel demand. The team has extensive experience working with data of varying and interacting levels of spatial and temporal resolutions (ranging from within-day, day-to-day and long-term). Specific domain specific expertise with this data includes - model building, statistical and econometric analysis, optimization, simulation, algorithm development and decision support applications. The team has handled large and high resolution GPS and video-data to develop real-time Intelligent Transportation Systems applications.