side Krishna Karuturi

Krishna Karuturi

Senior Director, Computational Sciences, The Jackson Laboratory

Developing and applying statistical bioinformatics Machine learning algorithms Network biology approaches

Dr.Krishna karuturi is a direct Research and Development operations of Computational Sciences (CS) at The Jackson Laboratory. CS works with our collaborators and partners at all campuses of The Jackson Laboratory and the expertise of CS spans the whole landscape of bioinformatics. He research interests are in developing and applying statistical bioinformatics methods, machine learning algorithms and network biology approaches to understand disease biology and model biological processes such as cell division cycle and DNA replication. We mine integrative heterogeneous omics data analysis and modelling as basis for our research. Dr. Krishna Karuturi visited Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) facility is on 23rd Aug 2018 to 24th Aug 2018