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Siddharth Nishtala

MS Scholar

Deep Learning Reinforcement Learning

I am an MS Scholar at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras and am advised by Prof. Balaraman Ravindran. I am currently working on a project in collaboration with Google and ARMMAN to improve maternal and child health outcomes by increasing engagement in a call-based information program through targeted interventions. My current interests include multi-task and meta learning.


Jan 20, 2021
How COVID-19 impacts population movement: A data-driven analysis to study population behavior during a pandemic
Scientific evidence available on the transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that has caused the global outbreak of COVID-19, shows that the disease spreads through droplets launched from an infected person via coughing, sneezing, talking that land on a healthy person in close proximity (less than 6 feet). Epidemiological researchers have found social distancing measures to be very effective in containing the spread of virus in the absence of a proven cure or vaccine.

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