Ab-CoV a curated database for binding affinity and neutralization profiles of coronavirus related antibodies

Published in "Bioinformatics"
Puneet Rawat , Divya Sharma , R Prabakaran , Fathima Ridha , Mugdha Mohkhedkar , Vani Janakiraman , M Michael Gromiha

We have developed a database, Ab-CoV, which contains manually curated experimental interaction profiles of 1780 coronavirus-related neutralizing antibodies. It contains more than 3200 datapoints on half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50), half maximal effective concentration (EC50) and binding affinity (KD). Each data with experimentally known three-dimensional structures are complemented with predicted change in stability and affinity of all possible point mutations of interface residues. Ab-CoV also includes information on epitopes and paratopes, structural features of viral proteins, sequentially similar therapeutic antibodies and Collier de Perles plots. It has the feasibility for structure visualization and options to search, display and download the data.