AI and Data Science Centers in Top Indian Academic Institutions

Published in "Communications of the ACM"
Balaraman Ravindran , Sunita Sarawagi , Aditi Jain

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) and data science (DS) centers are becoming ubiquitous in academic institutions around the globe. These centers serve to focus research efforts and bring together large teams to address important problems. AI centers in more mature research ecosystems tend to be multi-institutional, such as the Alan Turing Institute in the U.K. with 13 academic partners12 and Mila in Montreal with four academic partners and numerous industry partners.8 Often such centers are also focused on a specific theme, such as the 18 AI institutes funded by NSF.10 In contrast, the centers in India tend to be contained in only one institute—this facilitates the institute to identify AI/DS as a growth area