Development and Evaluation of a low-cost WiFi Media Access Control Scanner as Traffic Sensor

Published in "2019 11th International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (COMSNETS)"
Satya Sundar Patra , Bharathiraja Muthurajan , Bhargava Rama Chilukuri , Lelitha Devi

Recent digitalization has led to a significant increase in Data usage and WiFi penetration rates across the globe. WiFi Media Access Control (MAC) data, allows for unannounced and non-participatory tracking of electronic devices. This feature has attracted several transport researchers to use it in the estimation of spatial traffic parameters such as travel time. However, the commercial sensors available for WiFi MAC scanning are not affordable to be installed widely in a city.This paper talks about the development of a portable, low-cost Wireless Media Access Control Scanner and its evaluation for traffic applications. Control and field tests were done to identify the performance of the developed sensor. The developed sensor was found to work comparable or even better in urban traffic scenario when tested against a commercial counterpart