Non-Smooth Projected Primal-Dual Dynamical Approach to Solve the Extended Fermat-Torricelli Problem

Published in "IEEE Control Systems Letters"
Rejitha Raveendran , Arun D. Mahindrakar , Umesh Vaidya

The problem of finding a point in Rn, from which the sum-of-distances to a finite number of nonempty, closed and convex sets is minimum is called generalized Fermat-Torricelli Problem (FTP). In applications,along with the point that minimizes sum-of-distances, it is important to know the points in the convex sets at which the minimum sum-of-distances is achieved. Various formulations existing in literature do not involve finding the optimal points in the convex sets. In this letter, we formulate a non-smooth convex optimization problem, with both the point/set of points which yields the minimum sum-of-distances as well as the corresponding points in the convex sets as primal variables. We term this problem as extended FTP (eFTP). We adopt non-smooth projected primal-dual dynamical approach to solve this problem. The proposed dynamical system can exhibit a continuum of equilibria. Hence we show semistability of the set of optimal points, which is the pertinent notion of stability for such systems. A distributed implementation of the primal-dual dynamical system is also presented in this letter. Four illustrative examples are considered for the simulation based validation of the solution proposed for eFTP.