Systemic Literature Review - Unpacking values. How values change over time and link with personality traits and behaviours

Published in "Journal of Beliefs & Values"
Sameer Mehta , Rahul Marathe , Balaraman Ravindran , Rofias Ramesh

The systematic literature review is based on a critical need in the area of values, where there are many uncertainties around universal definitions and drivers of values and traits. The study evaluated 10 definitions, categories, drivers and the interdependence between values and personality traits and behaviours. Over 5,873 studies over a 70-year period were analysed to identify a relevant sample of 60 papers for this study. This review found that values and traits have synchronous patterns of association, indicating common 15 underlying causes that drive them both, with the direction of causality from personality traits to learned values. Further, this review concludes values change over time©and these changes are dependent on multiple factors including age, major life transitions, and accessibility of values, education, communication, general pre-20 vailing social and economic conditions, as well as individual and cultural openness to change tendencies.