Systems Biology



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Sloppiness: Fundamental study, new formalism and its application in model assessment

Prem Jagadeesan , Karthik Raman , Arun K. Tangirala

PloS one

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A Computational Framework to Identify Metabolic Engineering Strategies for the Co-Production of Metabolites

Lavanya Raajaraam , Karthik Raman

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology- Synthetic Biology

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Two-species community design of lactic acid bacteria for optimal production of lactate

Maziya Ibrahim , Karthik Raman

Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal

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NetGenes: A database of essential genes predicted using features from interaction networks

V Senthamizhan , Balaraman Ravindran , Karthik Raman

Frontiers in Genetics

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A priori parameter identifiability in models with non-rational functions

Rishabh Jain , Sridharakumar Narasimhan , Nirav P. Bhatt


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Systems-Theoretic Approaches to Design Biological Networks with Desired Functionalities

Priyan Bhattacharya , Karthik Raman , Arun K. Tangirala

Computational Methods in Synthetic Biology

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SBML Level 3: an extensible format for the exchange and reuse of biological models

Sarah M Keating , Dagmar Waltemath , Matthias König & more

Molecular Systems Biology

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MINREACT: an efficient algorithm for identifying minimal metabolic networks

Gayathri Sambamoorthy , Karthik Raman


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Systems-Level Modelling of Microbial Communities: Theory and Practice

Aarthi Ravikrishnan , Karthik Raman


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Metabolite systems profiling identifies exploitable weaknesses in retinoblastoma

Kumar R Sahoo S , Nicolay B Ranjith , Elchuri SV Miles & more