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Dr. Aditi Jain

Senior Project Officer

I am a researcher turned science communicator. I love to share my excitement of science with everyone. I am an avid reader and writer with bylines in prominent newspapers and magazines.


Oct 27, 2021
Are DNA variants bugs or features?
Dr. Yana Bromberg With high throughput sequencing technologies available, we can sequence a large number of genomes now and look at the variations in DNA sequences between various organisms and in a population. But how do we identify whether the changes in DNA sequence between two organisms do translate to functional changes or have no effect? This question was taken up for the Eighth IBSE Colloquium talk which was co-organized by RBCDSAI.

2 min read

Oct 25, 2021
Data Commons (The open knowledge Repository)
Dr. Ramanathan Guha A famous mathematician and a data scientist enthusiast, Clive Humby, once said that “Data is the new oil”. Indeed, data is valuable and an untapped resource! However, most of the data currently is in its raw format and can only become valuable once it is cleaned to be used for creating insights. To know how Data Commons is trying to achieve this aim, Dr. Ramanathan Guha, who is a Google Fellow, Vice President at Google and also leading the Data Commons project, was invited to deliver the third RBCDSAI Latent View Colloquium talk on “Data Commons (The open knowledge Repository)” on 21st July 2021.

2 min read

Sep 20, 2021
SUTRA: Predicting COVID-19 peaks
Prof. M. Vidyasagar, FRS COVID-19 pandemic is testing times for entire humanity and hopes are on science to provide predictions and solutions to wade through and curb this pandemic. Scientists across the world have joined forces and are trying to answer a variety of questions regarding the COVID-19 infection such as how does the infection spread?, how does the virus infect human cells? How can we stop the infection spread?

4 min read